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Crypto Miner

* BTC Donations are welcomed.

* All funds donated will be used to further progression and education.

* Please only send BTC to this address, any other coin will be lost. 

Crypto Miner is a mobile Simulation game that will expand your knowledge of crypto currencies. If you have ever planned on starting a mining farm of your own, or if you are a current miner, this game will help you fine tune your knowledge and compete against all other users to see who is the best "Crypto Miner". 


- Fun design with addictive gameplay
- Upgrade miners and earn  while offline
- Tap on each miner to collect its pending payout
- Sell and upgrade for the next best hardware
- Sell hash and use the boost cooling fan to increase your pay
- Exchange your earnings and afford new upgrades
- Connect with your Facebook account to participate in our monthly leader-board

Please note: Crypto Miner is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for purchase using real money.

If  you have any issues in game or would like to report a problem please contact us via email. 

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